Product information

In areas where security is essential, Palisade fencing ensures maximum protection. The cold rolled pale section are permanently secured to the horizontal members to form a high security, solid steel barrier up to 4.2 metres in height. W Pale Palisade is used mostly to secure Substations, Rail Corridors and Correctional Centres.

Bent top Palisade is the rolling of each pale at the top to give a roll top design (bent top)

In areas where security is essential, palisade fencing ensures maximum protection from vandals and intruders.

Bent Top Palisade Fencing

Product Specifications

2.4m Triple Point Spear Straight Top W Pale - pdf 137 kb

3.0m Triple Point Spear Curved Top W Pale - pdf 145 kb

Fencing Elevation Details - pdf 308 kb


Optional Add-ons
Razor Wire
Barbed Wire
Electric Wire
Palisade Gates




Bent Top Palisade Fencing

Bent Top Palisade Fencing